“This Is The End” for Blockbuster

by Viviana Chavez

Remember when you would get out of school on a Friday, drive over to Blockbuster with your friends, and decide what to watch that night while you all stuffed your face with pizza and bad decisions?

I remember those days. I also remember when the Blockbuster around the corner from my home closed last year and I cried in the parking lot. Yes, you read correctly. That happened.

At 11:00pm on November 9th 2013, the final Blockbuster rental transaction took place in Hawaii.

Here is a Twitter photo provided by Blockbuster of their jubilant final customer.

DarkLine Productions Blog and News Last Blockbuster Customer

One could not have asked for a more fitting finale for the once reining rental chain, as our joyful Hawaiian man rented the Sony produced, Seth Rogan film, “This Is The End.

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