Swedish Movie Rating System Is Pure Gold

Written by Viviana Chavez

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bechdel test

Wait, women can talk about things other than men? Really? YES, says the entire country of Sweden.

Some movie theaters in Sweden have implemented a new rating system based on the feminist Bechdel Test. The test is simple. Does the movie you are watching have two or more female characters with names? Yes? Great! Are they talking with each other in at least one scene? Yes? Awesome! Oh, and one last thing, are they talking about something other than men?

WE HAVE A WINNER! Your movie passes the Bechdel Test!

You would be surprised how many movies do not pass this test, however, such as…

The entire Lord of the Rings trilogy
The Social Network
The Avengers
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt II
Men In Black III
Man on a Ledge

So, thank you, Sweden, for bringing awareness to the issue and empowering women a little bit more in an already difficult industry.


(Thank you Huffington post and FlavorWire.com for the images)

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