Noah’s Ark Coming To The Big Screen

Darren Aronofsky is bringing us a film of biblical proportions. Noah is based on the Genesis story of Noah and the Ark. When God was saddened by how wicked mankind had become, he sent a giant flood to wipe out the earth. Because Noah was righteous in that generation, God told Noah to build a giant ark to save a remnant of life (1). Thus, Noah saved his family and various forms of life.

Now that you know the story, here’s what’s up in the film:

Noah— God-chosen builder of the Ark
Shem— Noah’s Eldest Son
Ham— Noah’s Middle Son
Japheth— Noah’s Youngest Son
Methuselah— Noah’s Grandad
Naameh— Noah’s Wife
Ila— Noah’s adopted daughter

Guess who is playing whom!

DarkLine Blog and News Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah  DarkLine Blog and News Douglass Booth as Shem  DarkLine Blog and News Emma Watson as Ila  DarkLine Blog and News Logan Lerman as Ham
DarkLine Blog and News Jennifer Connelly as Naameh  DarkLine Blog and News Russell Crowe as Noah  DarkLine Blog and News Leo McHugh Carroll as Japheth


Now watch the trailer!



(1) Thanks Wikipedia for some reference material.
Guessing Answers: 1) Methuselah 2) Shem 3) Ila 4) Ham 5) Naameh 6) Noah 7) Japheth

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