A popular YouTube channel web series, Marble Hornets, gets the attention of Doug Jones and two years later, they are now all going to make a movie together!

Here is creator Troy Wagner’s official announcement:

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Happy Halloween everyone! Very timely word just came down that this would be the perfect chance to finally share some more news with you about the movie. At long last. I don’t know if I’d be able to keep it to myself much longer. Here we go:-First, the news that will probably put some of you at ease. The movie will not be a continuation of the storyline on the Marble Hornets Youtube channel. That’s still set to finish up at the end of season 3, so no cliffhangers that will require you to go to a movie theater to see resolved. Instead, the story of the movie will take place in the same universe as the webseries, and there’s definitely a reason for that, but speaking more on that ventures into spoiler territory.-The movie itself, believe it or not, has already been shot! Remember our super secret trip to LA this summer? That was to visit the set. It was an awesome experience to see everyone bustling around and getting things done. Got to meet and chat for a bit with pretty much everyone on the team, including all the actors that were there that day. Oh yeah, speaking of which…

We happened upon this guy.

-As some of you have already suspected, it’s totally true, the one and only Doug Jones is in the movie as The Operator. Yeah man, THAT Doug Jones. He was the nicest guy to meet and hang around with, yet was able to turn instantly unsettling once the cameras were rolling. I can’t think of a better person to play the part and am so pumped that it all worked out. Tim is entirely to thank for getting it all started with a simple tweet almost two years ago (!!!)

So that’s the three big bits of news for your Halloween enjoyment. We’ll no doubt be blabbing on about it at every opportunity at GMX this weekend too, so feel free to bring it up there if you’re coming. Release date, trailers, the title of the movie, and more are still yet to be revealed but we’re working on getting some more announcements out there sooner than you might think! Thanks as always for sticking around for all this, everyone. More is on the way!

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